The Nederlands is covered with a soft, accessible soil. Therefor the Dutch could allow other (cheaper) working methods then in the surrounding countries. Our city centres have lost this advantage already a long time ago. The soil is littered with loose cables and pipes. Smart City will increase the pressure on this tight space.

PowerCast sells product to relief the pressure on this space as much as possible. With our PipeLocks, handholes and UnPlugAndPlay fuse boxes, authorities are able to keep the highest ambitions for a minimal of costs.

We have a website that ties all of our products together. Feel free to visit www.powercast.nl

PipeLocks are foundation systems for all kinds of posts in the public space. Pipelocks are designed to place, remove and alter posts in a blink of an eye, even after impact.
PipeLocks are used to organise events (objects can be removed temporary and reinstalled quickly), to repair impact damage (remove wreck of post and install new one) and to fascilitate maintenance or upgrades.